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November 2016

Reader Review – The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey

The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey

If I had been watching this story as a movie instead of reading it I would have spent a quarter of the time with my eyes tight shut and my hands over my ears. I avoid thrillers for this exact reason, I get so scared, it’s rather ridiculous.I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try, and I was not disappointed at all. I was left feeling cold, and a sense of deep disturbance in my balanced little world. Obviously this book is very well written, taken from different characters perspectives. Their personalities, relationships with each other and themselves develop and change through the book in entirely realistic ways. You just know there is no happy ending here, there is perhaps a tolerable ending to look forward to. You’re not entirely sure how deep the rabbit hole goes, but you do know is going to be very dark and a torch will probably only make it worse.
It is an excellent thriller, it kept me fully engrossed until I put the book down, relieved as I was, that I could finally extract my mind out of the horror of an apocalyptic future that would have to be extremely different from anything that the world has ever known just to survive. Dr Caldwell was frightening simply because I could not relate to her, her single-mindedness was more inhumane than Melanie, who was the key character. She was essentially the heroine, making the best out of a completely stuffed up world and paving a way to make things better. This book took me about a day to read and it will probably take a few more days to fully leave that world of ‘hungries’, ‘e-blockers’, and danger round every corner. I won’t be able to look at a mushroom the same way again.

The Sellout and Circling the Sun



CWA’s Dagger Awards – who is your favourite crime writer?


Nominate your favourite crime writer by telling your librarian. The deadline is 31 December 2016 so there is no time to waste!

Remember you can’t nominate a writer who has already won before, here is a list of the previous winners:

  • Elly Griffiths – 2016
  • Christopher Fowler – 2015
  • Sharon Bolton – 2014
  • Belinda Bauer – 2013
  • Steve Mosby – 2012
  • Mo Hayder – 2011
  • Ariana Franklin – 2010
  • Colin Cotterill – 2009
  • Craig Russell – 2008
  • Stuart MacBride – 2007
  • Jim Kelly – 2006
  • Jake Arnott – 2005
  • Alexander McCall Smith – 2004
  • Stephen Booth – 2003
  • Peter Robinson – 2002
  • Marian Babson – 1996
  • Lindsey Davis – 1995

Reader Review – Lamentation by C.J. Sansom

I’ve now read all of the Shardlake series, beginning with Dissolution. It was Lamentation that made cry, I won’t give any spoilers but I was truly worried I would be mourning a beloved character. I have read three novels of the Shardlake series aloud to my husband at night. I will have to wait patiently for another one so we can continue our habit.

As always, C.J. Sansom paints a vivid picture of Tudor England, the whiplash quick politics and the danger of simply having different religious views to the King. It is an incredibly dangerous period where you could land in the Tower for those views and give up your life most gruesomely for them.

C.J Sansom has the amazing ability to develop truly realistic characters. Their friendships and relationships are always developing, changing and growing.

This book in part is about finding Queen Catherine Parr’s manuscript, Lamentation of a Sinner. I’m a bit of history buff so I already knew what happened about the book and that Catherine Parr did certainly survive the last concerted effort to topple her. Sansom’s deft handling of the subject brings these historical facts to life so acutely it is if you are in the room watching history play out in front of eyes.

AGM – 13 December 2016


Our Annual General Meeting will be held on the 13 December 2016 at the Library.

It starts at 6:30pm, with light refreshments, everyone is welcome.

From 7:30pm the meeting will begin for members only.

Heart and Home by Lyn Andrews

Training for the volunteers today

91c94f25f3ad8b40ab38a3543b346f31¬†Our new volunteers got training today, me included. A great deal of information and ‘how to’ was shared in a very friendly and efficient manner. We were learning from each other and just having a great time. A short break of tea and biscuits where we discussed new ideas for the library, where we can sell our withdrawn books and a lot of ideas flew around on how to get more books into the hands of our readers.

A big project would be rearranging our library to make it more customer friendly and especially to bring more attention to the new books we have on offer. Three hours just flew by and I for one thoroughly enjoyed myself :). Thank you to our Gloucester Library Support Officer for being there for us to train and guide us to make our community library the best it can be for our community!

Something for our younger readers!

Bridget Jones’s Baby

Bridget Jones’s Baby by Helen Fielding


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