I’ve now read all of the Shardlake series, beginning with Dissolution. It was Lamentation that made cry, I won’t give any spoilers but I was truly worried I would be mourning a beloved character. I have read three novels of the Shardlake series aloud to my husband at night. I will have to wait patiently for another one so we can continue our habit.

As always, C.J. Sansom paints a vivid picture of Tudor England, the whiplash quick politics and the danger of simply having different religious views to the King. It is an incredibly dangerous period where you could land in the Tower for those views and give up your life most gruesomely for them.

C.J Sansom has the amazing ability to develop truly realistic characters. Their friendships and relationships are always developing, changing and growing.

This book in part is about finding Queen Catherine Parr’s manuscript, Lamentation of a Sinner. I’m a bit of history buff so I already knew what happened about the book and that Catherine Parr did certainly survive the last concerted effort to topple her. Sansom’s deft handling of the subject brings these historical facts to life so acutely it is if you are in the room watching history play out in front of eyes.