One of our readers has told us about the books she has read from Bream Library. It might give you some ideas about what to read these winter days. 

The Mistletoe Murder by PD James

What better to banish these dark February evenings than a selection of short mystery murders by P D James. Old fashioned and very entertaining.

Another good read for dark winter evenings. This is a story that draws on wonderful traditions of spooky goings-on, with some Gothic undertones to add some extra shivers.

The Man in the Picture by Susan Hill

From one of the most prolific and popular contemporary American female writers. Don’t read these without being prepared for some morbid brutal scenes.

Evil Eye by Joyce Carol Oates


I’m an avid Alan Partridge fan, and if you are too, then this will have you in stitches. If you don’t enjoy the TV series then this won’t be for you.

I, Partridge by Alan Partridge