The rules are as follows:

  1. Your poem is limited to 140 characters (this includes spaces)
  2. Subject to be about books, reading, libraries or literature and must not be offensive.
  3. Authors agree to let us use your poems in the libraries promotions and on social media
  4. Tell all your friends and family to like your poem on Facebook
  5. The poem will be judged by a panel for the 1st place prize and the poem with the most likes on Facebook will win the popular vote for the 2nd prize.
  6. Closing Date for entries is 21 March 2017
  7. A winner for the popular vote will be announced midday on the 28th March and the 1st place winner will be announced on the 29th

Please e-mail your poems to


Message your poem on Facebook to Bream Library’s Facebook page


Hand in your poem at the library

Then log into Facebook and see how your poem is doing!


There are three categories – Adults, Teenagers and Juniors.

Each category has two prizes: Judges Vote   GBP20.00 book vouchers.

Popular Vote GBP10.00 book vouchers.