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September 2018

Bream Reading Club reviews ‘He Said She Said’ by Erin Kelly

Stars out of 5: 2
He Said She Said by Erin Kelly
Below is a review by one of esteemed members:
Be prepared, this is a tale of sexual violence and the aftermath of the couple who intervened.  The book takes twists and turns as new truths are revealed and as the characters true selves slowly unwind to provide us with a clearer picture of events. However, I didn’t have much sympathy for any of the characters and found it difficult therefore to engage in the plot.  I think its a book that works hard to provide thrills and chills, but it just didn’t do it for me.
This could perhaps be an absorbing holiday or travel read, but I did struggle to keep my interest going, and probably wouldn’t of pursued it if it hadn’t been for reading group.
A number of our members declared it to be contrived and in places completely unbelievable. It was very heavily plotted and there was a thread of negativity against men being the ‘bad guys’ every time.

Summer Reading Challenge at Bream Community Library

Well, summers over and so is our Summer Reading Challenge 2018! SRC is a national reading initiative to keep kids reading throughout the long summer break. Reading throughout this time means that children keep up the reading standards and don’t forget what they spent the last school year learning! Every year we are given a theme and this year we had Mischief Makers featuring Dennis the Menace and the Beano comic strip!

37763543_1471109369656345_6266366300000354304_n37800442_1471109239656358_2790931626534633472_nOnce we knew this we set about creating activities based on this theme. So what did we come up with? Beano bingo, DIY comic strip characters, charades, joke telling and lots of other Beano related activities. I think the Bingo went down best with prizes of Whoopee Cushions, sweeties and classic Beano comics! Completion of the challenge (which means 3 visits and 6 books read by parent/child) ensured a place at the award giving which meant each child got a gold Mischief Makers medal as well as a certificate and a little pack of goodies. They also enjoyed a story time provided by the Dogs Trust as a special treat.

Charlotte Paddock from Dog’s Trust reading to the children

Before SRC officially launched we had children coming in hoping to register so we were off to a great start and with 45 actual starters in total, I think we did pretty well for a small community library! It was also great to see the number of boys enrolled in this project…. All I can say is, come on girls – game on for 2019! The total number finishing the challenge is 31 which is almost 70% completion rate! How amazing is that?! With thanks to all the volunteers who support this event, the parents for nurturing a love of reading in their children and finally, big congratulations to all the children for doing so well!

Prize Giving – Certificates being handed out.

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