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Beautiful books donated to Bream Library

We received another lovely donation of books, some adult fiction and teen fiction.

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Huge Thank You to the Big Issue for this donation!

The Big Issue has an amazing book give away – all the details can be found of their website. It’s super easy just nominate the charity you want to get some books and submit it.

We love books and love this initiative! Thank you!

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We even got some super popular Older Junior Fiction and Teenage Fiction!



Bream Reading Club Reviews Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Total Stars out of 5: 2.6 Stars

The first book in the Grisha Trilogy was full of promise. Dynamic and different, full of interesting places and characters, it ended on a cliff hanger pulling the reader in to read book two.  Unfortunately as it often is with cases like this, the first book was great and the rest are not.510lLMQr12L._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_

We are introduced to Alina and Mal, orphans who are raised together in the same orphanage. Some of our members assumed their affection was more familial so their stilted and lengthy romance felt awkward and though the rest of us ‘saw it coming’ it still felt contrived. Their love story we assumed was supposed to be something truly epic, a love that overcome all odds, but by book three we were still left wanting, perhaps the author changed her mind half way, leaving the reader sadly unfulfilled.

Alina is discovered to be the ‘Sun Summoner’ the one the Darkling has been waiting for. The Darkling is a very interesting character, one with depth and personality. For a little while one almost looks forward to the relationship beginning to form between Alina and him, but that hope is for nought. It felt as if the author was afraid to let these two characters have a night in the same bed, and veered away from it instead of facing it head on. The light and dark of their respective powers draw these two together, but any chance of them bonding is ripped away when an old lady called Bhagra compels Alina to run away, only just convincing her what the Darkling really is.

Alina made good her escape but not for long. The Darkling’s powers are overwhelming and she is soon back in his grasp. The books ends with Alina managing to take control again of her own power and saves Mal’s life while sacrificing other Grisha in the process.

If you’ve noticed how Mal is not spoken about a whole lot in this review it is because his character is undeveloped. He is supposed to be the ‘hero’ in this story but all we saw of him was a square. He is immature and all the club members agreed that Mal was short changed when it came to putting him on paper.

For all its promise, it did not deliver.


New arrivals in February

You in need of a Pokemon Handbook? We got it…

Need a special edition of JK Rowling phenomenal book Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? We got that too, along with Harlan Coben’s Drop Shot, a brand new Hercule Poirot mystery written by Sophie Hannah, the Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory, a stunning book all about Genghis Khan written by John Man and lastly, a dark read Daddy’s little secret written by Tina Davis.

City of Bones – A major motion picture!

We have all three books of Cassandra Clare on our shelves ready to be issued.

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