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Beautiful books donated to Bream Library

We received another lovely donation of books, some adult fiction and teen fiction.

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Loads of book this April!

This month we had our delivery of new books as well as a huge beautiful pile of donated books. So this post is a mixture of both. We are a very happy library with these lovelies on display!

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Bream Reading Club Reviews The Book of Human Skin by Michelle Lovric


imagesTotal Stars out of 5: 3

This book really split opinion amongst our members, some of us really enjoyed it, read it quickly and had much to say about it, others couldn’t get into it at all and found the characters difficult to relate to.

The Book of Human Skin is thoroughly well researched and well written, you get to read from each characters perspective and the streams of the story are flawlessly held together. We are introduced to Venice and Argentina, their individual beauty and histories, which are superb and accurate.

There are actual books of human skin that are collected by the main protagonist but it is the Nun all the way in Argentina that brings real life to the statement. She puts her skin through such tortures that it tells her history far better than a document could. She abuses herself fanatically in her quest to become a saint.

The doctor also adds depth and history to the story of skin as he is fascinated by skin diseases and the causes.

The main plot surrounds a murderous power hungry brother determined to protect his inheritance at any cost, including killing his own sibling, institutionalising another sibling, our heroine Marcella, manipulating everyone who crosses paths with him and generally spreading fear and evil wherever he goes. Despite the difficulties Marcella faces she is ultimately triumphant and has that fairy tale happy ending.

We did all agree on one point though, that the ending felt rushed. The happy ending being so quickly brought together didn’t follow well with the rest of the book, a tragic ending would have been more suitable.

Our beautiful new children’s library!

The project commenced on the 30 March with everyone on deck to pack away the children’s books and move out all the furniture from the children’s library. This timeline of activities is based purely on my eyes and memory, a great deal was going on that I didn’t even see by our incredible and dedicated team of volunteers.


30 March [Friday]: Big move out of everything in children’s library.

After every last thing was removed.

31 March [Saturday] : Polyfilla over the cracks in the children’s library.

01 April [Sunday]: Sand the Polyfilla in preparation for painting.

2-3 April [Monday & Tuesday]: Painter did excellent job of the walls and ceiling.

5 April [Thursday]: Inspection by David Vaisey people.

6 April [Friday]: I noticed the carpet being shampooed by one of our volunteers.

9 April [Monday]: Decorators arrived late in the afternoon to begin installation of new furniture

10 April [Tuesday]: I went to sort out all our arts and craft supplies in readiness.

11 April [Wednesday]: Decorators completed furniture installation.

12 April [Thursday]: The big move back! Everyone there again to put the books back on the shelves and tidy up the adult library so we could open the next day.

One of youngest volunteers putting the younger junior fiction back on the shelves! 🙂

Volunteers were there until late that day making sure everything was perfect.


13 April [Friday]: Library reopens!





Our before and after pictures:

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A HUGE thank you to all our volunteers who made this happen, from calling up decorators, meeting with them, reviewing designs to moving furniture, removing shelving and carting it away, buying and fetching paint, vacuuming and dusting, this all came together because of our amazing team!

Almost there….counting the hours!

Ready for our beautiful spiffy new children’s library? We sure are!

Here are some before pictures of our children’s library:


We open tomorrow at 10:30am!

Easter closure ad_v1

Bream Reading Club Reviews: Addition by Toni Jordan


Photo 02-02-2018, 21 12 28Stars out of 5: 3 Stars

A thoroughly different and original work touching on difficult subjects and still managing to keep it humorous. The Reading Club decided to call it a ‘Pysch Romance’. It’s better not to ask what on earth that means…! Some of us liked it, others didn’t, the reason being they didn’t like the personality of Grace, finding her a little too harsh in her opinions.

Our main character has an OCD surrounding counting and it had completely taken over her life. In walks Seamus the handsome and perfectly average guy that turns her life on its head.

Instead of a stereotypical story of her falling in love and getting treatment, and being ‘cured’, (which is impossible) we are taken on a very realistic and rather scary story of how it really is enduring a mental illness and everyone ‘trying to help you’. It is raw and painful at times watching her lose herself until she is a drowsy, overweight, unemotional being constantly watching TV.

The end of the book is still very hopeful, she takes back control of her life and though she stops her medication and her treatment it is very clear that she has learnt to be more adaptable, actually uses her compulsion to get herself a job, which she does very well indeed. Her relationships are improved tremendously, she comes out the other side better for the experience.

All about Royalty

We have beautiful books for our Royal Family fans out there, don’t miss out!

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Adult Non-Fiction Swap with Minchinhampton Community Library

Bream Community Library and Minchinhampton Community Library have loaned some adult non-fiction titles to the advantage of all our customers.

Minchinhampton supplied us with a beautiful array of Gardening Books and we sent on our most liked History Books.

Photo 12-03-2018, 15 19 33

Photo 12-03-2018, 15 19 36
Our Display of the beautiful Gardening Books


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