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Bream Reading Club Reviews: Addition by Toni Jordan


Photo 02-02-2018, 21 12 28Stars out of 5: 3 Stars

A thoroughly different and original work touching on difficult subjects and still managing to keep it humorous. The Reading Club decided to call it a ‘Pysch Romance’. It’s better not to ask what on earth that means…! Some of us liked it, others didn’t, the reason being they didn’t like the personality of Grace, finding her a little too harsh in her opinions.

Our main character has an OCD surrounding counting and it had completely taken over her life. In walks Seamus the handsome and perfectly average guy that turns her life on its head.

Instead of a stereotypical story of her falling in love and getting treatment, and being ‘cured’, (which is impossible) we are taken on a very realistic and rather scary story of how it really is enduring a mental illness and everyone ‘trying to help you’. It is raw and painful at times watching her lose herself until she is a drowsy, overweight, unemotional being constantly watching TV.

The end of the book is still very hopeful, she takes back control of her life and though she stops her medication and her treatment it is very clear that she has learnt to be more adaptable, actually uses her compulsion to get herself a job, which she does very well indeed. Her relationships are improved tremendously, she comes out the other side better for the experience.

All about Royalty

We have beautiful books for our Royal Family fans out there, don’t miss out!

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Adult Non-Fiction Swap with Minchinhampton Community Library

Bream Community Library and Minchinhampton Community Library have loaned some adult non-fiction titles to the advantage of all our customers.

Minchinhampton supplied us with a beautiful array of Gardening Books and we sent on our most liked History Books.

Photo 12-03-2018, 15 19 33

Photo 12-03-2018, 15 19 36
Our Display of the beautiful Gardening Books


We have new books for every taste – Healthy Eating.

Stacks and stacks of new books this March

Breaking News!!!

Photo 07-03-2018, 16 02 22

Yes, that’s right – in the very near future our children’s library will be completely renovated! During that time the children’s library will be closed and we will keep you all updated regarding those dates.

Renovating the children’s library was the first thing on our minds when we won the David Vaisey prize, and all that money is going straight towards making the children’s space just perfect!

Photo 07-03-2018, 16 02 47

Photo 07-03-2018, 16 02 54

Bream Reading Club Reviews The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

Stars out of 5: 2.5

At one end of the spectrum our members really enjoyed this book, on the other end the word used was ‘insufferable’.

To break it down, The Historian is an in-depth tracking down of the real Draculya, not the Hollywood version but the historical man as well as the mythology surrounding him. The book is weighed down in detail, and relies far too much on letters to convey vast amounts of information. Bram Stoker’s Dracula is mentioned a number of times in the book as if to form a direct comparison. Letters are also used in Bram’s book, but they used far more effectively.

The true genius of this book was the way different time lines were woven together with apparent ease. Every character is carefully maintained in each story stream and you learn each characters history as well as the historical quest they are following. The prose is many places is beautiful and exceptionally well written.

The disappointment is that the characters never truly find their voice. They are more like cardboard cut outs filling in their scenes with no development or growth. None of us became invested in any of the characters no matter what threat they were facing. It appeared to us that the characters were sacrificed entirely on the altar of pure history.

Too many times this book read like a dry history, something more akin to a textbook than anything suspenseful, which appeared to us to be a lost opportunity that could have been something truly epic.

Harry Potter Book Night!

What an evening! 😀

Class kicked off at 5:30 pm with our very own Bellatrix welcoming the children.

Photo 01-02-2018, 20 43 46
Our very own Bellatrix!

They were ushered into the Hall by Mrs Potato a long lost cousin to Mrs Sprout, to begin the Sorting Hat Ceremony.

Our Random Wizard called for attention and the Sorting Hat Ceremony began! In quick succession the potential witches and wizards were in their houses and a captain chosen to collect their owl post. Captains ripped open the envelopes to reveal the Quest. Each House had a list of items to find in the library, including asking one of the witches if she had the Dark Mark and then ask for her signature.

The truly brave approached the magic books to seek items, dodging the Book of Monsters as it squirmed in its chains. The even more brave asked Bellatrix for their fortunes to be read, the crystal ball glinting invitingly in the lights.

Photo 01-02-2018, 20 42 48
Random Wizard

Quest completed there was no slowing down as back in class Mrs Potato went straight into a quiz. It was a fast paced question and answer leaving Bellatrix not much time to mark the results of the Quest. Random Wizard totaled up the scores and Gryffindor won with only the smallest margin.

The best dressed were given prizes including our best dressed mum with lovely red hair. After the prizes got handed out, Mrs Potato did a reading to the class all about Aragog the massive old and blind giant spider. Not her favourite subject but nevertheless she persevered.

Photo 01-02-2018, 20 41 57
Mrs Potato

The final part of the evening was the Certificates of Attendance being completed and handed out. The evening finished up slightly earlier than intended probably due to the reading going a bit too fast!

Thank you to all the amazing kids and parents who made the night fun and all our incredible volunteers who made it happen! 

Harry Potter Book Night 2018 – done and done! 


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