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David Vaisey Prize

Bream Library honoured with a ROYAL visit!!

Bream Village has sure been in the papers this week! 🙂

We were all abuzz waiting for the Duchess of Cornwall to arrive today to officially reopen the Children’s Library.


It was such an exciting day, especially for the children over the road at Bream Primary waving their flags and cheering.

Her Royal Highness met the member of the Lego Build Club and read them a story in our beautiful children’s library, she was so gracious and lovely, speaking to so many and meeting parents, volunteers and making us all feel rather special.

Some lovely pictures can be seen at these links:

Thank you to everyone who made this visit possible and run so smoothly. It was a memorable day despite the weather not playing along!


Breaking News!!!

Photo 07-03-2018, 16 02 22

Yes, that’s right – in the very near future our children’s library will be completely renovated! During that time the children’s library will be closed and we will keep you all updated regarding those dates.

Renovating the children’s library was the first thing on our minds when we won the David Vaisey prize, and all that money is going straight towards making the children’s space just perfect!

Photo 07-03-2018, 16 02 47

Photo 07-03-2018, 16 02 54

Amazing news! Bream Community Library wins the David Vaisey Prize!

It was announced on Twitter about a half hour ago that Bream Community Library has won the David Vaisey Prize. I nearly choked on my coffee in my excitement!

Here is one of our volunteers Jim Robertson with the David Vaisey Judge Anne Robinson and  Alan Bennett.

From left to right – Anne Robinson, Alan Bennett and Jim Robertson

Bream Community Library was shortlisted for our ‘imaginative initiative to increase the number of children to visit the library.’ According to the David Vaisey website [] We run a regular LEGO club where children build LEGO projects and gain inspiration from LEGO books which they read with their parents.

Jim Robertson and Craig Tait run the LEGO Build club every Thursday between 5.30pm – 6.30pm at the library. Pic 1

Huge well done to all the volunteers who make Build Club such a success, none of this would have been possible without you!

Thank you David Vaisey for this incredible honour, we are humbled and inspired to do even more!

We are finalists for the David Vaisey Prize!

Bream Community Library is privileged to announce that today in Gloucester we were announced as finalists for the David Vaisey Prize.

For details about this prize please visit:

Winning the prize would of course be incredible, but to be shortlisted is such an honour in itself, so much thanks need to be said to everyone involved, all our volunteers and Gloucestershire libraries for their continuous support. A special thanks must be said to our Support Officer who takes care of all the community libraries.

Two volunteers from Bream Library attended the function held at Gloucester Cathedral today. The announcements were made in the reception room called the ‘Laud Room’. It is a room dedicated to the Dean of Gloucester (1616) William Laud DD.

After, there was refreshments and some networking to be done and of course pictures to be taken (as I would need them for this blog post 🙂 )


Photo 01-08-2017, 17 47 33
Craig Tait (Bream Library volunteer) with Anne Robinson, one of the judges
Photo 01-08-2017, 18 06 05
A picture of the lectern with the Dean of Gloucester looking on
Photo 01-08-2017, 18 06 12
Another view, slightly to the right to see the paneling in the room
Photo 01-08-2017, 18 25 15
Gloucester Cathedral

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