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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Total Stars out of 5: 2.33


This book is a classic and clearly a dystopian version of a future world. Since it was written a few of the things he wrote about as fiction would now be considered fact and that in itself is more frightening than prophetic.

On the whole the reading club found it unusual and interesting but, did not enjoy the story.

The descriptions of this ‘Brave New World’ is quite chilling in many respects. The wholesale indoctrination of children from infancy, the test tube babies taken to the extreme degree, society has pretty much being turned on its head. The very things that make humans human has been eradicated as evil or outdated. A family, mother and father, marriage, in fact emotional attachments are discouraged or forbidden outright.  Their lives are ‘happy’ but only in the shallowest sense, all deeper meaning has been removed.  Being an individual is discouraged, you must listen to your programming and follow all the precepts set down by the Controllers. If this is the ‘only’ way to have a happy and stable society we want nothing to do with it!

We decided that instead of it being called a ‘Brave New World’ it should be called a ‘Horrible, Scary World!’